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CORAL Products

CORAL, CORAL+ and CONTEXT are proprietary software packages produced by EDS.

These packages support software development in the programming language CORAL 66. This language, originally developed by the Ministry of Defence for use in military applications, is intended for use in control and automation applications.

The CORAL product provides an OpenVMS CORAL 66 compiler for HP Integrity servers, Alpha (AXP) and VAX machines.

The CORAL+ and CONTEXT products provide development environments for real-time systems for embedded microcomputers.

The CORAL+ and CONTEXT products are hosted on OpenVMS on which editing, compilation and system building functions are performed. Testing of application software is carried out by loading it into target hardware via a simple communications line (RS232) and using the respective system debug tool, i.e. CORAL+ Debugger or CONTEXT host system to monitor and control its execution.

With CORAL+ and CONTEXT the user gains the advantage of the fast friendly environment of the host computer, coupled with the ability to test application software on the actual target hardware