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XD Ada Cross Compilers

In partnership with HP (formerly Digital Equipment Corporation) the Software Engineering and Products Group at EDS has developed the world’s premier family of Ada cross-development toolsets, XD Ada.

XD Ada is targeted to the Motorola M68000 family (including the MC683xx micro-controllers) MIL-STD-1750A microprocessor architecture.

Product options exist for multiprocessor communications and debugging, and for Emulator and Simulator support.

Hosted on OpenVMS Systems, XD Ada is fully integrated with the OpenVMS Debugger and HP DECset CASE tools, providing a unique and comprehensive software development environment. XD Ada is available on OpenVMS VAX, Alpha and Integrity Servers. 

XD Ada produces excellent code quality through the use of powerful global optimisation techniques. XD Ada delivers outstanding performance on real time projects against proven industry-accepted benchmarks.

XD Ada is the standard Ada development cross-compiler for the four-nation Fighter Aircraft Replacement programme through the Eurofighter consortia. In the USA, it was selected by Boeing for their 777 and F-22 applications. 

Users of XD Ada can be assured of comprehensive, long-term support on current or specific versions of the tools.

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